Sacred Heart Primary School
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Enrolment Procedures

NEW ENTRANTS                                teacher at desk

Age 5 Years (approx): Primary 1 Stage
The dates of registration and enrolment will be announced in the local press, in the school itself, in the local Post Office, Sacred Heart Parish and in the Nursery Schools in the area, in January and November of each year. 
During the Spring or Summer Term arrangements are made for parents or carers and children to visit the school on several occasions. Parents and carers are invited to participate in a short course organised by the school. The meetings are friendly and informal – an opportunity to meet other parents and carers, share experiences, and hopefully learn ways in which you can prepare your child for starting school, in a thoughtful and structured manner. In this way, parents and carers can play their part in the formal education process.
The Head Teacher and class teachers are available for discussion on matters relating to the first year at school. While parents are busy talking and discussing, the children will be taken care of by their ‘new teacher’. They will be introduced to their classroom and taken round the school building. They will have the opportunity to take part in some of the every-day school activities.
These short sessions prepare both children and their parents for ‘starting school’. (The school will inform parents of dates and times of the meetings.) All Primary One pupils are “buddied” with an older child (Primary 7) who helps in the initial settling into school period. 
Enrolment of Pupils during the Year
Parents and Carers, with children of school age, who come to live in the catchment area of this school, are requested to call at school and speak with the Head Teacher. Arrangements to enrol your child can be made, and you are asked to bring the child’s Birth Certificate, Baptismal Certificate and proof of address in order that dates and essential information may be recorded. Parents and Carers will be invited to accompany the child to his class and meet the class teacher.
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