Sacred Heart Primary School
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Children's Mission Statement

Children's Edition of Mission Statement         chds mission

Sacred Heart Primary School is a Catholic school. Our Christian Community includes all children and adults and we help each child to grow fully in every way, preparing them to be helpful to other people.

Aims – what we are trying to do every day

  • To give each child a good education and to make sure every child gets what they need.
  • To help all children and adults in school learn and grow fully at work.
  • To help all children and adults believe in themselves, enjoy learning and treat others as they would like to be treated.
  •  To have a safe and exciting community for all people in school – well organised with lots of equipment to make children’s lessons better and to make sure the children do their best.
  • To have good friendships in the school and in Bridgeton and to have adults and children working well together.
Values, Mission Statement and Aims
Values – what we believe in

Not telling lies                                  Truth

Being kind to one another                      Love 

Not fighting or arguing                         Peace

        Good behaviour                                   Right Conduct

                                           Treating others the way you would

 like to be treated yourself                      Respect